Private Placement Investment Flow

Private Placement Investment Flow

Our project information is as follows:

Fund Size: USD5 million

Sub-Divided by 500 lots

Each Lot is USD10,000

Master Investor Name of PPI: Andeerson Wong


Private Placement Investment Flow is list down as below steps:

  1. Arranged with a Law firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to co-ordinate for all investors.
  2. Collecting commitment only from investors (Telegram group already Setup).
  3. Once the total committed amount reaches USD5 million, the law firm will call a meeting to brief every investor on this Master contract. Those committed investors will sign this master contract with their own witnesses.
  4. Master Investor will open a Bank account in Singapore or Hong Kong.
  5. All investors will transfer money to this foreign bank account and email all those deposits slips to the law firm.
  6. Once the total amount of USD5 million is confirmed by the law firm, the Foreign bank will assign a European bank to arrange this PPI.
  7. European bank will conduct KYC, legal arrangement and interview Master Investor.
  8. The Foreign bank will arrange for the signing of the Documents and the lawyer will become the witness.
  9. PPI project will start after 2-3 weeks after signing.
  10. Contact with Foreign bank is 1 year
  11. This investment is term as pledging fund to trade in derivative trading in Europe.
  12. Return of investment is between 20% – 25% per month (Estimation by the bank) and investors will collect those returns on monthly basis. The law firm will co-ordinate all those money movements.
  13. Profit Receive every month have to deduct Legal fee and Introducer fee of 3-5% depending on each arrangement.
  14. After contact ended, investors can bring back their money or wait for a new contract. All these depend on opportunity arise from time to time.
  15. If a new contract arises, then the cycle just repeats the process again.
  16. Thanks.

Kindly contact me to know more.

Andeerson Wong
Private Placement Manager
(Stock, Indices, GoldCryptoCurrency, Options)

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